Villa Malini 2 Kota Bunga Puncak 3 Bedrooms

Villa Malini 3 Bedrooms

Currently a vacation at the peak is everyone’s dream, when you go on vacation, of course you must have prepared all the necessities for a vacation, including villa or hotel accommodation. for villa or hotel accommodation, you have to prepare it carefully because you don’t want the place you live in for a vacation that doesn’t match your wishes and makes you uncomfortable.

villa malini 2 is located in the city of Bunga Puncak, I highly recommend for those of you who want to take a vacation, a very cool villa with a private pool and other facilities, I guarantee you will satisfy you when you are on vacation at the peak. Well, let’s just discuss the review of villa malini 2.

Product Specification Villa Malini 2

villa malini 2 can accommodate 15 to 25 people, has a 3 storey building with a karaoke room and a balcony on the top floor, on the main floor there is a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and on the bottom floor there is a balcony, bedroom and bathroom.

on the outside of the villa there is a very spacious garden decorated with very cool lights, swings, a place for bbq, gazebo, swimming pool, vehicle parking and billiard table. very complete, right, villa malini 2 facilities?

The atmosphere of villa malini 2

the outside appearance tends to be ordinary like a villa in general, but even so this villa is very unique, very different from other villas, especially in the interior of the villa, almost all parts of the room are decorated with very contemporary decorations so there are lots of photo spots in the room these villas.

Photo of Villa Malini 2

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