Villa Kota Bunga M5 Swimming Pool

Villa m5 flower city

You must already know the most popular vacation spots in the peak area, one of which is the city of flowers or little venice, the city of flowers. Vacations in the city of flowers are not worth it if you don’t visit the tourist attractions around Katenan, there are so many cool tourist attractions that are very close together.

Visiting tourist attractions certainly takes a lot of time, so I suggest you have hotel or villa accommodation while on vacation, in addition to resting you can also make the villa as a place of entertainment such as swimming, karaoke, playing cards and much more. Villa M5 Kota Bunga can be a recommendation for your vacation, which is located in the famous flower city Puncak which is calming and still beautiful.

Review of villa m5 flower city

This villa has 3 bedrooms, very suitable for 10 to 25 people and of course has the facilities you need while on vacation. The specifications of this villa include bedrooms that are equipped with bathrooms and air conditioning, 2 bathrooms that are fully equipped with water heaters, kitchen with complete cooking utensils, dining room, living room, private swimming pool and parking space provided to park your vehicle. use. In addition, this villa is equipped with a gazebo in the garden near the swimming pool.

Villa atmosphere

This villa is very beautiful, has a fairly large garden, private swimming pool and gazebo, the eyes of visitors to this m5 villa will be presented with a very green garden and flowers around the garden, besides that this villa has a very luxurious and elegant interior design. which makes you very comfortable and at home staying at this villa m5 Kota Bunga.

Villa Photo

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