Villa Kota Bunga – For Rent Villa Kota Bunga Puncak

About Villa Kota Bunga

Villa Kota Bunga is a residential complex or villa estate built on a very large area of ​​approximately 125 ha. The construction of this flower city villa started in 1990 by PT. Sarana Eka Sejati or Sinar Mas Group. Until now there are around 2500 villas that have been completed with various types of villas.

Geographically, this flower city villa is surrounded by mountains in West Java which has an altitude of 600 to 800 meters above the sea with temperatures between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius with the air still beautiful and very fresh. The mountains that surround the Bunga Kota villa include Mount Gede Pangrango, Mount Mattress, and small mountains in the form of many hills.

The address for this flower city villa is on Jalan Hanjawar Pacet, Batulawang Village. Pacet Subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, 43253, West Java, Indonesia.

Villas in Kota Bunga are supplied with very clean water from artesian wells specially made by the local PDAM. As for the electrical energy of this Bunga City villa, it comes directly from PLN with a power of 1200 to 2200 watts depending on the area of ​​the villa building.

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