LITTLE VENICE KOTA BUNGA – For Rent Villa Kota Bunga Puncak

The pinnacle of Italian taste

Is one of the most popular tourist attractions in PUNCAK, Little Venice Kota Bunga Puncak presents very fresh air and a unique view like being abroad. a very strategic location because it is very close to other tourist attractions in the peak area, such as TBN or the Nusantara Flower Garden, Cibodas Botanical Gardens, Mount Mattress, Puncak Tea Gardens etc.

The scenery in Little Venice will take your imagination as if you were abroad, precisely in Venice, Italy, with a very unique concept complete with a boat.

Location of Little Venice

Little Venice is located in the Bunga Puncak City Villa complex with an area of ​​​​approximately 125 hectares. which is located at Jl. Hanjawar Pacet, Batu Lawang, Cipanas, Peak of Cianjur, West Java. This place is approximately 44 km from downtown Bogor and 87 km from downtown Jakarta or can be taken 3 hours drive from Jakarta to Little Venice Kota Bunga.

Little Venice Entrance Ticket Prices:
Little Venice entrance ticket price is generally IDR 25,000 / person and for children IDR 20,000 / person (the price does not include tickets for rides inside Little Venice)

Facilities of Little Venice City of Flowers
There are so many rides offered in Little Venice, Kota Bunga, including swimming pools, fishing ponds, horse rental, bicycle rental, toilets, large parking lots, prayer rooms, fantasy arenas and lodging.
I hope that with the availability of rides and complete facilities, it can be your attraction for a vacation in Little Venice, Kota Bunga Puncak.

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