5 bedroom flower city villa with indoor pool

5 bedroom flower city villa

this time I will review the coolest villa in the city of Puncak Bunga, which is recommended for family vacation events. Victorian type villa which is located very close to the little venice city of flowers. This villa has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and other rooms such as a family room, kitchen balcony with very complete cooking utensils.

This villa building has 2 floors, on the first floor there is 1 bedroom, a family room, 1 dirty kitchen and on the second floor there is a karaoke room with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a balcony with a very beautiful view equipped with a swing.

the view on the balcony, don’t ask again, those of you who stay in this 5 bedroom villa in the city of flowers will be presented with a view of the mountains which is perfect for relaxing or gathering with family or friends while on vacation.

the capacity of the occupants of this villa is quite large, this villa can be inhabited by 15 to 30 people. suitable for large family events or office employees.

Villa Facilities:

1 unit led tv, complete karaoke equipment, complete cooking utensils, complete cutlery, water heater in the bathroom, bbq equipment, indoor swimming pool and many more.

Villa Photo

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